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Cloudie – Cloudapp client for iOS.


Hello guys,

Cloudapp is a great solution for sharing screenshots, documents, code snippets (and many more) faster. It’s a great and simple tool I use daily. It saves a lot of time for everyone.

If you do not know Cloudapp yet, you should definitely check it out now.

And we created a worthy client for your mobile device. I want to share my app ‘Cloudie for Cloudapp’ with you today. We cared about functionality, usability and experience and we think we created the best Cloudapp app for iOS.

Go check it out! It’s available for just $ 0.99! Leave a review, tweet or E-mail. I’d like to hear what you think about Cloudie. Thank you guys!

iTunes Link

3/1/2014 mladenmilinovic
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WE WANT YOU!Contact us!

…to take over AppDiary!

If you are interested in iOS apps and like to write about them, you should probably contact us.

Do you prefer to set up a new blog but you want to use our theme? No problem. Contact us!

6/1/2012 jonaspelzer
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Goodbye.Contact us!

As you probably already noticed, we didn’t update this site for more than a year now. We didn’t close it, because we always thought we would maybe find the time to write new articles someday. Well, we were wrong.

If you’re interested in taking over AppDiary, please contact us. Everything else will be discussed then.

6/20/2011 jonaspelzer
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Touchgrind is one of the apps that never get boring. It is a finger board game on a whole new level! The graphics are stunning and it feels like a real fingerboard. The menu and the icon are well-designed and the sounds are incredibly authentic.

Touchgrind is different from typical skateboard games where you have to tap the jump button and everything is fine. You have to pop and flip the board and catch it in the right moment just like a real board.

Touchgrind is stunning, the graphics and the sounds are amazing and the gameplay is incredible! It is available for $4.99 in the app store.

5/14/2010 mladenmilinovic
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Are you stressed and busy? Don’t you want to always listen to the the same music? Do you need any inspiration for a project you are working on?

Then I want to recommend a great app which will solve these daily worries! It creates the perfect atmosphere to relax by taking you through different places all around the world without using any kind of images.

This application from Urban Apps makes it possible to download each sound from their store for free. The store contains sounds from different parts of life and it’s still growing (~10 new sounds/week). For example there are sequences that sound like animals, towns or gadgets – And there’s a huge collection of nature sounds. Of course you can listen to a preview and view a user rating before downloading the sound. Every sound was recorded with a good equipment so you won’t miss any quality.

Ambiance allows you to order sounds into folders, rate them, put them into a playlist and create your personal ambiance. For example I combined the sounds of a mountain waterfall, rain on a tent and sounds of thunder to get the ambiance of a rainy day during camping in the forest. Ambiance includes alarm, timer and backup options.

All in all Ambiance scores with a huge assortment of sounds, a beautiful interface, handy functions and a small price ($0.99).

5/3/2010 fotoquadrat-deactivated20120815